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Dr. Jenkins received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Counseling and Psychology from Pennsylvania State University. He was tenured as an Associate Professor in Psychology at Elizabethtown College and he was Director of Clinical Services for the Nevada Rural Mental Health System. With the Rural Mental Health System, he served as senior clinical supervisor for all clinicians of sixteen clinical offices across the rural areas of Nevada. In addition to his work in these positions, he has been a consultant and board member for hospitals, sports organizations, and numerous public and private organizations, including Federal agencies. Dr. Jenkins has always maintained a private clinical practice in individual and family therapy. His private practice has included training and supervising therapists from a variety of disciplines using the Milan Therapy approach. Dr. Jenkins has served on the Nevada Board of Marriage and Family Therapist Examiners and he served as Treasurer for the Nevada Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. Additionally, he has many years of experience as a small business owner and has been a nationally competitive athlete.

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