Sierra Counseling and Neurotherapy (SCN) is a comprehensive mental health and substance abuse clinic. We are a Medicaid and Medicare provider, certified by Medicaid as a Specialty Behavioral Health Clinic.  As such, we are recognized as a Medicaid provider for adults, children, adolescents, couples, and families. Our Neurotherapy is also covered by Medicaid for adults and children. In addition, we are on the panels of most private insurance companies.

We are located in Carson City, NV. Carson City is the state capitol of Nevada and located at the base of the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains which surround Lake Tahoe.


We offer a variety of counseling, consulting, and therapy services ranging from individual, family and group sessions to state-of-the-art neurotherapy. This allows our clients to have the choice to pursue conventional forms of counseling or explore new dimensions of treatment based on modern neuroscience. The clinicians at SCN have extensive experience with the entire range of mental disorders and substance abuse treatment.


We are also deeply committed to a focus on building good mental health which involves more than treatment of disorders such as depression, bipolar illness, or anxiety. Good psychological functioning includes areas such as our ability to experience satisfaction in life, enjoy a pleasant night’s sleep, or to see ourselves and our identity in new and creative ways. Additionally, it may include adaptive coping in exceptional life adjustments such as preparation for major surgery, dealing with difficult medical treatment, transition into midlife or retirement, and development of stronger ability to resolve marital, relationship, or employment conflicts in a satisfactory manner. The development of good mental health also includes maintenance of a healthy emotional life. Emotional resiliency and flexibility are useful traits at any life stage. They allow us to be comfortable with our feelings and their expression, help adolescent’s make a successful transition to school or from adolescence to adulthood, and add depth and richness to our lives at any stage. The ability to be proactive and creative on issues as diverse as parenting conflicts, blending children into a step family, or finding resourceful ways of providing family support for elderly parents are also a part of good mental health.


Counseling and psychotherapy are processes which enable a person to explore their life experience and find new ways of seeing themselves or thinking about their difficulties of today. Such processes are collaborations between clients and counselors which afford an opportunity to understand current problems in a way that opens solutions not immediately available without a new perspective. Working with a counselor enables a person to place their problem within the broad context of the counselor’s experience and expertise, developing a perspective and resources that are not available from a family member or friend. As a result, new possibilities are created and a more effective and satisfying approach to life problems can become a reality.

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